Frequently Asked Questions About Attack Insurance

Is the Attack Insurance product the same as Pool Re?

No, Pool Re is the UK’s state backed terrorism (Re)insurer. You can access Pool Re via your property damage and business interruption insurance and you should speak to your broker about this. Pool Re offers very wide protection, backed by the UK government, for terrorism acts. Attack Insurance is a product designed by Lloyd’s of London insurers with the specific aim of supporting the UK SME sector.

My business owns the property we operate from, can I buy Attack Insurance?

You can buy Attack Insurance, however this product won’t cover your buildings. You would need to speak to your insurance broker about a terrorism insurance product or other solutions to meet your property requirements.

Isn’t this already covered under my general insurance policies?

You need to ask your broker, but most general insurance policies exclude terrorism. They are also unlikely to provide access to specialist security providers or PR consultancies to assist in a time of crisis.

What if I don’t believe I will be targeted?

Thankfully, terrorist and similar attacks are not frequent, but insurance is intended to provide cover for unpredictable and unexpected events.   Most businesses that have been effected by recent attacks have not been the ‘targets’ themselves, but unfortunately effected by unrelated events close to their premises.

Is this primarily for terrorism?

No, Attack insurance is not like a terrorism insurance policy.  Attack insurance is “aggressor agnostic”, so as long as the event meets the definition of an attack, then you are covered.

How do I get help if an attack or security incident occurs?

If you are experiencing an Attack or a Security Incident and there is a threat to life, call 999 or follow the Run, Hide, Tell principles. If you need to initiate a response, call the 24/7 emergency numbers which are on your schedule of insurance or on the back page of the Attack Insurance “Start Guide”.

Why do I need public relations support?

As well as protecting your people, customers and operations, it is vital to protect your brand and reputation.  Attack Insurance provides immediate access to market leading public relations advice and support.

Who is the response company?

The response company for Attack Insurance is Control Risks.  Control Risks are the World’s leading risk management firm, who have deep expertise in dealing with security incidents.

Can Attack Insurance help make our organisation more resilient?

An Insurance product on it’s own can only respond if something occurs.  You will receive a “start guide” as part of the product which provides advice on best practice relating to resilience measures.  Should an event occur, you will have immediate access to public relations and security advisors who can ensure that you make the right decisions.