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Your insurance broker will be able to explain the cover in detail and help you determine the appropriate limits you may wish to purchase. However, the core cover from Attack Insurance includes the following:

Section A

An Attack

An Attack means an event that:

  • Involves the use of a vehicle; explosive device; chemical, biological or radiological weapon; and/or any hand-held weapon; and
  • Is intended to harm another person or group of persons; and
  • Is carried out or attempted by any person or group of persons acting alone or on behalf of or in connection with any organization; and
  • Results in bodily injury of any person or physical loss of or damage to or destruction of tangible property.
An Attack at any insured location, which includes
Business Interruption, continuing loss, contents
An attack within 1 mile of an insured location
Income Loss and Loss of Attraction
Prevention of access to an insured location, by order of civil or military authority
Income loss
A1.1, A1.2 & A1.3
Crisis Management Expenses arising from an Attack, up to £100,000 any one occurrence and in the annual aggregate, including:
Additional Security Measures, Counselling, Public Relations and Crisis Communications, Assistance – Medical Expenses, Assistance – Relocation, Assistance - Retraining

Section B

A Security Incident

A Security Incident means;

an attack, assault, threat, cyber threat, extortion, cyber extortion, missing person, stalking, workplace violence, or riot.

Section B
Response: The Security and Investigation Services of a Response Consultant
Up to 60 days from notification

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