Why Buy Attack Insurance?

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An Uncertain World

Organisations are exposed to a range of security risks, and whilst an event might not target your business directly, you may still be impacted. In mainland UK the terrorism risk remains severe and residents are vulnerable to a wider risk from other groups and individuals prepared to conduct violent acts. Security risks on a broader scale can also have a major impact on an organisation, such as assault, threat, extortion, stalking, workplace violence and riot.

Larger corporations are able to purchase sophisticated insurance programs and engage expensive risk consultants, but the obligations on smaller organisations to manage these issues are no different. Attack Insurance has been designed to allow medium sized organisations to access the same kind of cover and specialist expertise as multinational corporations, but in a simple and easy-to-purchase package.

Designed to meet your needs

Attack Insurance has been designed for organisations in the UK with annual revenues of between £2m and £50m (however quotes for larger organisations are available) and who primarily lease the buildings they operate from. It is especially beneficial for businesses in the retail, hospitality, entertainment and visitor attraction sector, or where footfall plays a significant role in revenue generation.

For organisations operating in the central business districts of all UK Cities and major towns, and those with operations in close proximity to possible targets including major transport hubs, crowded places (such as shopping centres) and government sites, Attack Insurance is of particular value, not least by simply providing some peace of mind.

Easy to understand and quick to respond

Deliberately designed to be “aggressor agnostic”, Attack Insurance avoids any complicated definitions as to whether an event can or cannot be classified as terrorism. The policy is triggered if there is an attack (a) at your location, (b) within one mile of your location, or (c) if you are asked to vacate your premises by the civil or military authorities.

An attack might involve the use of a vehicle, explosive device, chemical biological or radiological weapon, and/or a hand-held weapon. It could be carried out or attempted by any person or group of people acting on behalf of any organisation.

The policy provides immediate access to Control Risks, the world’s leading security and risk management company, in the event of a range of security incidents. It also protects your brand and reputation with specialist support to assist in communicating at times of crisis, through the leading PR consultancy firm Weber Shandwick. The policy is quick and easy to purchase and includes a “Start Guide” explaining how to trigger the policy, as well as offering some resilience recommendations.

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